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Teddy Bear Chows



Welcome to Teddy Bear Chows! My husband and I got our first chow chow right after we were married.  We had Nikki for 14 years.  She was a wonderful pet and family member. She was great with our two children and their friends. We miss her very much.

We waited 13 years before getting another chow chow - Mesha (Meshach) then 6 months later we added Shadrach.  A year later we added Bendi (Abendigo) and then we added Isabella (Bella) and Maximilian (Maxi) - Maxi crossed over to the Rainbow bridge in February after a tragic accident.  We love chows and our chows are part of our family.  Our litters are born in our home and raised inside with us.

Shadrach loves indoors - He is the most loving chow and loves to have his belly rubbed and hair brushed - he is a DIVA!  He will do anything for a treat! Shadrach is from a champion bloodline. Shadrach has been retired and he and Bendi now live in Oklahoma.

Bendi is beyond loving - she thinks she is a lap dog and loves to kiss!  She has the sweetest demeanor of any animal we've ever seen.  She is from a champion bloodline. Bendi has been retired and now lives with Shadrach in Oklahoma.

Rachel Snow - we are so excited that Rachel joined our pack!  She came all the way from Russia.  She is as playful as they come and an absolute doll. Rachel LOVES playing ball!  She is from champion bloodlines.

Teddybearchows Coco Chanel #5 - our first in house puppy added to our pack.  Coco is absolutely full of energy!  She is from Bendi and Shadrach.  She is our blue chow.

Teddybearchows Enoch "Cash" - our 2nd in house puppy.  He is from Rachel and Sampson.  He is the sweetest boy and solid as a rock!  He and Coco are BFFs.