Teddy Bear Chows

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Sampson "Sammy"

Rachel Snow

Bendi Litter January 20, 2019

Isabella De Barcelona De Los Perros De Bigo "Bella"


New Chow Chow puppies for sale

Bendi and Sammy 

Litters are AKC registered.  Bendi had her puppies on January 20th.  She had 7 puppies - 3 cinnamon boys, 1 black boy, 2 red girls and 1 blue girl.  All puppies are sold.  Price is $1,800 pet AKC registered litter.  

We are planning 2 litters - Isabella / Sampson (Summer 2019) and Rachel / Sampson  (Summer 2019) cream litter).  We are taking deposits for those litters now. 

Pricing for these upcoming litters:  Pet limited AKC $2000, Full AKC $3000